sigma 17-70 lens Canon fit in Elstree, Hertfordshire for sale

sigma 17-70 lens Canon fit

In excellent condition a great lens superb optics
Sigma Canon fit zoom 17-70mm f 2.8-4, optical stabilizer DC HSM lens for APS-C format
comes with Lens Cap and Rear Cap. This amazing lens has been highly reviewed all saying that it gives excellent performance.
A super wide-angle Optical Stabilizer zoom lens with a 104 degrees angle of view, and large aperture. First off, the Optical Stabilizer (OS) in this lens can give up to 4 stops of extra handhold ability.
The macro function is outstanding! You can almost touch what you are shooting and have clear, crisp focus. It casts no shadow with the pop up flash.
It is lighter than most f/2.8 lenses, but has a rugged build that can be felt when holding and using the lens. It just feels good on the camera.
This is a great walk around lens. It is versatile, pretty fast aperture and great OS for low light. Greater range of focal lengths, going all the way to 70mm compared to 55mm on the stock lens. Macro capability Greater f-ratio, can stop down to f/2.8 at the wide end and only f/4 at the far end.
Sturdy construction, but not so heavy that it feels like a brick has been attached to the camera body. Really wide aperture (72mm filter size) collects a ton of light, allowing more photos to be taken without having to resort to a flash.
Includes a zoom lock to prevent the range from being changed accidentally.
My lens is in excellent condition the optics are clear and free of any marks happy if you decided to collect.
There are Lots of excellent Lens Reviews for this lens
Happy to answer any questions.